Divorce And Separation Astrology Report

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Personalized Divorce Astrology Report + Answer and remedy to 1 question related to the subject\\\'s prospects around divorce

In Vedic Astrology For marriage, divorce and love affairs, post marital relationships and second marriage we see the seventh house of natal chart,navamsa and Chandra kundali
For marriage divorce and love affairs, post marital relationships and second marriage we see the seventh house of natal chart,navamsa and Chandra kundali. The divisional chart must be considered but if natal chart is not strong then the navamsa cannot give much results.
This means the natal chart is given prominence over other divisional charts.For second marriage the ninth house has to be considered. For multiple marriage the the rashis also are considered. The dwiswabhav or chara rashis are not considered good for the stability of the marriage. Apart from vinshottary dasha we also read jaimini system such as char dasha , mandook daha , navamsa dasha , sthir dasha. Jaimini karakas such as dara karak , padas such as dara pad , uppada all have to be considered.these two dasha systems are not enough .
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Sage Parashara has described more than 40 conditinal dashas we must apply few of them which is applicable such as dwisaptaptisama dasha , shashtihayani dasha , chaturshitisama dasha ,dwadashottary dasha,shodashottary dasha etc. After applying dashas we must  concentrate over transits and ashtakvarga especially transit of Saturn

Question To Ask
When the reunion is possible , we are living separately?
I want divorce , when this is going to happen?
I have applied for divorce when that is going to happen?
Remedy to get separation
Remedy to prevent divorce
Is my spouse cheating me – There are various astrological combination of deception in marital life or such issues eighth house twelfth house with fifth and seventh house is analysed.the relation of seventh house with mars Saturn rahu and relation of Venus with the malefic planets are analyzed.
Chances of my second marriage. – In horoscope second house represents the second marriage .dasha antardasha of ninth house indicates second marriage if there are already indications of divorce or separation.here aspect of Jupiter on natal venus and mars is also seen.in dwiswabhav rashis and chara rashis there are more possibilities of second marriage.
Have affair with another,how much this will effect our marital life – The horoscope clearly indicates whether one’s marital life is going to ruin because of third person.there are also persons having illicit immoral post marital relations but their marriage life is safe.here one shall get receive report regarding this.