2014 – New Year Astrological Predictions for India – Part 2

In the first part i gave prediction as a whole about India and the two major political parties. Now I would predict on political personalities.but before predicting i reiterate that there is always possibility of the birth details being wrong. SONIA GANDHI– As i said i use different horoscopes and birth details for both important leaders Sonia Gandhi and Narendra modi.i am influenced by Subramanyam Swami and another senior astrologer whom i respect much but he never disclosed her birth details in public. My every prediction on Sonia came exactly true using this birth detail. Sonia Gandhi is running in the Mercury – Venus vinshottary dasha phase till mid july 2014.from july 2014 till may 2015 she will be running in the antardasha of second house lord sun. The sun is placed with mars. So health will be a major concern because she is running in the maraka fatal phase. Even right now the venus antardasha is running which is placed in the seventh house. In transit ashtakvarga saturn has got average 27 points but jupiter has got 25 points only.NARENDRA MODI –Again the case of Narendra Modi i use different birth details.and i got success in every prediction done on him from 2011.i got his birt details in 2011 and hinted much more about his being prime ministerial candidate from BJP.Recently few senior and knowledgeable astrologers said that they think that the birth details i used to use seems much more correct because using the birth details by ninety nine percent astrologers don’t make any sense.During predictions about general election i said that woman or few women will be always be hurdle for Modi and his prime minister ship will be also much more decided by one or more woman. Recently he is in a controversy regarding the snooping case of a woman. He should be cautious to his security and health.ASTROLOGICAL CAUSE FOR EMBARRASSMENT OF MODI – Narendra Modi is running in the Jupiter – Venus vinshottary antardsha from 13th October 2013 as per birth details i use.just see the controversy started just from this phase. His Venus is his greater weakness .his venus is debilitated being the seventh lord with Saturn eighth lord mercury and in the Rahu Ketu axis of fifth and eleventh house. Even in navamsa D9 venus is the seventh lord aspected by the mars.Now i analyze the other aspect of the horoscope of Narendra Modi.This aspect is regarding the most frequently asked question about his being prime minister. No one can predict this because there are possibilities of others too having having strong planetary combinations.Narendra Modi is running in the Jupiter – Venus dasha phase .though the venus is debilitated but this Venus is in a good Rajyoga.in the eleventh house Venus is with mercury and saturn aspecting directly the fifth house house of the political rajyoga.eleventh fourth and seventh lord in the eleventh house is making a strong rajyoga and also these planets are aspected by retrograde jupiter placed in the fourth house of Narendra Modi.if i talk about the transits the transits of jupiter and saturn seems weak.jupiter is in 26 points and the saturn is in 21 points.RAHUL GANDHI –He had good rajyogas but he never got a good dasha as yet.he is running in the combust mars vinshottary  vinshottary dasha.from mid november 2013 he is running in the Mars – Ketu vinshottary dasha.his current important transits are in very weak position.saturn is running in 27 points and jupiter is in worst 21 points.i don’t expect a good success in near future.i have already predicted the same in my previous post in my website.SUSHMA SWARAJ- Sushma Swaraj is running in a comfortable phase.She is in the Saturn – Venus vinshottary dasha phase .In transition saturn is in best 34 points in ashtakvarga.i see her on prestigious post in coming months.ARVIND KEJRIWAL – I was not sure about authenticity of the horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal being circulated.some one close to her wife gave me a wrong birth detail.many things can be predicted about a celebrity by his gesture grimace and intuitive capacity of an astrologer but that must not be disclosed in public because that is a separate science.i’ll predict on Kejriwal once i get his correct birth details.some one has provided me a birth birth detail of Arvind Kejriwal according to that his birth time is 07:30 am.As per this birth chart his horoscope seems strong.i’ll write a seperate forecaste for him in few days.MAYAWATI – Horoscope of Mayawati is good for coming months.but she is running in the dasha related to Rahu placed in the second house with malefic mars and saturn.so she she should be cautious about her health and security.she will play very crucial role in formation of next government in the center.JAYALALITA –There are two horoscopes of Jayalalita circulating one is of brish and another is of mithun lagna.from one chart she is going to perform very well and going to play a crucial role in formation of the forth coming government.SHARAD PAWAR – Horoscope of Sharad Pawar is too interesting. His dasha is too strong but in transit saturn and jupiter has got very less points. Jupiter is getting 27 points but saturn has got least 19 points. He should take care of his health good future for child in politics is seen.RAJNATH SINGH –Horoscope of Rajnath Singh has been too stronger since 16th october 2013.since october he has entered in the Saturn vinshottary mahadasha.saturn is fourth and fifth lord placed in eleventh house aspecting the fifth house directly.there is a sthan parivartan yoga.fifth lord is in eleventh house and eleventh lord is in fifth house.both aspects each other mutually.in transit jupiter is transiting on 32 points and saturn is on 36 points.i see him on prestigious post in near future.NITISH KUMAR – Nitish Kumar has entered in the vinshottary mahadasha of Rahu since november 2012.Rahu is considered as muslim as Ketu is also considered non hindu or Sikh.since 2012 Nitish is emphasizing much on muslims due to this Rahu effect.his Rahu is in the ninth house with jupiter mercury and sun.he is no doubt in a good phase.MULAYAM SINGH – Mulayam Singh also is not running in a bad dasha phase.his transit Jupiter is in 28 points and saturn is in 29 points. But from december 2013 till december 2016 he is running in a strong maraka or fatal phase. The transits are also too adverse. He should first take care of his health.SHARAD YADAV – Sharad Yadav can achieve success unexpectedly. There is much more suddenness and unexpectedness in his chart

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