NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS-:1 Sushma Swaraj:Only leader of opposition.not candidate of P.M

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 I had written about Sushma Swaraj on 13th march 09 in “Dainik jagran”. Today On 18th december Sushma Swaraj is elected as the leadr of opposition of the “BJP” Today when she was elected as leader of opposition.she was running under dasha of SAT-MER-VEN.Saturn is in the tenth house but with the fourth lord.mercury is the seventh lord.seventh house is house of position.venus is in the lagna. Saturn is with the moon.and she is running under the “SAADHESATI”. Her tenure will not be so good because due to sadhesati many hurdles will come in her is the mercury the tenthh lord.which has helped her but this mercury is afflicted in lagna and navamsa both charts. She has a bright future since 2013. my website on astrology: War with in the party is not over yet. Now if one seethe chart of the bjp then it can be easily said that the infighting in the party is not over yet.i had predicted the two stage infighting in the “BJP” in many of my older posts.but if one think that this is final then he is forgetting that “BHISHMA” is still alive although on the chair of thorns.and untill and unless he does not let complete the war.he will not leave the chair. Lalkrishna Adwani although resigned as leader of opposition but got a new responsibility greater than that.this all seems that the final war is yet to take place. Whatever i have seen the charts of the important “BJP” leaders as Sushma swaraj,M.M Joshi.Rajnath singh.i see that :-“In the BJP a war is imminent and that will be the final war.and the two main warriors in near future will be Sushma Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh.because horoscope of Rajnath singh also is too stronger”. “this war will be for the postof the candidate of prime minister ship.”although there may be many players.but the chart of two strong leaders Murli manohar joshi,Arun jaitly is too weak for the post of prime ministership. One major change in the party is seen after 6th april 2011. After this since april 2012 BJP will regain it,s glory and this will come again to power.i have repeated this many times. In between till april 2010 BJP will be completely changed,completely transformed.  Published inPolitical Predictions

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