Predictions on Amar Singh was popular than on Adwani


I have given many predictions in my career about politicians.most of the persons still believed that prediction about Adwani was my best prediction.few thought prediction about varun gandhi Lalji Tadon,Sanjay datt and Margret Alwa was very accurate.but i do not give much importance to these as compared to the prediction about Amar singh.WHY PREDICTION ABOUT AMAR SINGH HAS MUCH IMPORTANCE FOR ME:-No astrologer had exact timings of birth of Amar singh.i collected data about his life,his education,marriage behaviour,gesture and grimace etc.then i saw the timing of child birth etc.then got the exact timing of birth.still i have not shared the birth details of Amar singhji due to some personal reasons.NOW WHAT THE NEXT PREDICTION ABOUT AMAR SINGH:– I had predicted his bad timings – now i will predict when his good time will start.-I had predict about the courage of Mulayam singh.and had predicted that he will fight from his rivals with full energy.but – I HAD NOT PREDICTED ABOUT GOOD OR BAD TIMINGS OF MULAYAM SINGH {i had not predicted that whether he will be winner or looser}.MY NEXT PREDICTION WILL BE FOCUSED ON THE BOTH ISSUE.SO…NEXT PREDICTION ON THE TOPIC – WHO WILL BE LOOSER – MULAYAM OR AMAR Published in Political Predictions Tagged under Be the first to comment! Read more… %PM, %20 %628 %2010 %19:%Jan

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