Family Astrology

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Personalized Family Astrology Report + Answer and remedy to 1 question related to the subject\\\'s family

Important Events like Marriage, Childbirth etc
Future of your children
Health of Elderly people
Relationship with In laws
Relationship with other relatives
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It is no wonder, when you compare the birth charts of family members, there are striking similarities in many aspects. Through Vedic astrology, you can come to know about all important events and possible pitfalls that your family might get into.

Some sample questions

My father is dividing all his business and property among his children. Will I get my proper share?
We are a joint family. All our brothers along with me are married and settled. Should we live our independent lives or break up the joint family?
I am having difference of opinion with my brother and having fights over petty matters. Will I settle my disputes with my brother and live peacefully?