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When can one own a house or landed property

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astrologer sushil kumaar singh astrologer sushil kumaar singh
This article is already published in the Times of India astrology portal. The same is being reproduced here. Houses and planets responsible for owning a house A house is dream for everyone. When one buy a house can is clearly written in ones horoscope. There have been several researches on this topic. In the classics there has been given various planetary combinations but those do not work hundred percent in current times. So the horoscopes should be read keeping in mind the current time. Off course fourth house is the key house and fourth lord is the key planet. Mars Venus and Jupiter are the planets which must be seen for possibility of owing a house. Dasha and transits when one can acquire house or property Houses are generally made or bought in the dashas of Jupiter Venus or mars. Jupiter should be transiting or aspecting the first fourth eighth or twelfth houses.Three houses promise having a house and those houses are fourth eighth and eleventh house. Venus in the fourth house is considered best for owning a good looking house. Exalted Venus and Jupiter in the fourth house is a best combination for having beautiful houses. Jupiter, first, fourth, eighth and tenth house are important Jupiter is one of the key planets. If Jupiter is in the first fourth eighth or tenth house there are more chances of owing a house. Even if Jupiter is malefic it assures house but that might be old or not good looking. If Jupiter and Venus both are related with first fourth eighth and tenth house then there are chances of owing a beautiful house. Chaturthamsa chart also should be read. Ascendant fourth house mars Jupiter and Venus should be read in the Chaturthamsa chart for analyzing owning a house. Role of Mars Satur Rahu and Ketu Fourth lord in the eighth can give sudden landed property even a house and if the planet is mars the chances increases. In such situation one can even gain unexpected inherited property or house. Rahu in the fourth house bad for owing house whereas Ketu is considered good for owing a house even the person buy and sell the plots or he might deal with selling land .If there is Saturn and sun in the fourth house one is always worried about house and generally lives as a tenant.     Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh is an internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer, recognized for his accurate predictions.  His astrology services include Life Reading, Career Report, Detailed Kundali Matching, Match Making, Health Report, Business Report, Finance Report, Love Chemistry Report and more. BOOK AQUICK ANSWER IN 2-3 HOURS OR A PHONE CONSULTATION WITH ASTROLOGER SUSHIL KUMAAR SINGH. FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT HIM ON THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS (91-7985517269  WHAPP 91-9621127233       
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